Remember What It Was Like To Believe You Could Fly?


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About Inflated Hero

How a Geek Became a Super Hero
Laughter is timeless, and imagination has no age. - Walt Disney

It's been over a decade now since I made my first balloon creation. It was on a mission trip over Spring Break in college. I watched someone tell a story, Jonah and the Whale, with a balloon and I become enthralled. I quickly started making all the basic balloons I could and went to my local library to check out the couple of books they had on the subject. It wasn't long before it became a profession and over that past decade I've been able to compete internationally and perform all over this nation. I lost my own identity to many and simply became "Balloon Man." I think of it as my alter ego and hero identity. I am an Inflated Hero! Being a proud geek and lover of comics and stories I've moved my business more in that direction over the last few years and started creating special packages for hero and princess parties. Every child deserves to feel special on their birthday and my goal is to help make sure that happens.

  • Costumes and Cosplay
  • Sculptures and Balloon Caricatures
  • Storytelling
  • Imagination

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